What to Say?

Loud mouth

Ever been in a position where you feel the need to say something, but are not exactly sure just what to say?

Where you’d like to give your opinion but sometimes it just might not go down too well?

Or where you’re asked for your thoughts and you know really well that, whatever you say, they won’t hear it or will be highly offended?

Wisdom is very often “when you say nothing at all!”

Wisdom knows when to speak a word in season, when it is right to say what is asked for; even when you know it won’t go down too well!

Oh for wise people to speak out, and stay silent… and knowing which is when!

The Bible has a lot of things to say about what we say! That our speech ought to be seasoned with salt… palatable and easy to digest! Colossians 4:6

It also warns us that our tongue can be as powerful as a ship’s rudder… steering a whole conversation in a certain direction!! James 3

My prayer today is that we would learn to measure our words and seek God’s thoughts before we jump in to answer or give our advice and opinion!

4-9The Master, God, has given me
a well-taught tongue,
so I know how to encourage tired people. Isaiah 50:4

Amazing how you don’t have to have the last word to be right, or win the argument!

Happy speaking today!

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