Sorting, Clearing, Chucking!


Everyone’s favourite job haha!!

Recently I’ve been doing some sorting of records, teaching notes, lesson plans, books, etc … It is taking quite some time to go through records of years and years, most of which is not really relevant, now, but some is!

Some of these files brought back very happy memories… some very funny, some very testing times and situations, and memories of God’s faithfulness and Grace!

Isn’t it amazing how things that were vital at one point in your life are not so years later, and I suppose things that we have no idea about their importance now, will become so later.

It made me realise the transient nature of our lives and the importance of the words of Jesus when He said, “Steep your life in God-reality, God-initiative, God-provisions. Don’t worry about Continue reading

The Story

Book cover

I love stories! I love telling stories and reading them. I love hearing other people’s stories … other people seem to have such wonderful adventures and have amazing tales of excitement, and places they’ve been!

Even their troubles and heartaches seem to come over with such a sense of success and achievement!

Isn’t it funny how “my own story” never seems enough, or exciting … or even worth telling?!

I began to listen to what others said about their lives and their journey in life and so often they would despise or have a disdain for their “own story”.

I thought around that for a while, and realised how precious the “most ordinary” story is! Your story is yours… it tells a bit of who you are, where you’ve been and what has affected Continue reading

The Journey


Mark and I have just come back from a long journey: our journey from home and back again took place in cars, ours and someone else’s, busses, shuttles, transits, travelators, trains, planes, metro, walking – lots.

We had a great time chatting to our hosts on the first evening, to our travelling companions on the journey, reading and listening to lots and lots of various instructions in different languages and finding out places and ways of getting to our destinations by ourselves!

Some of them were wonderful… the transit train from airport security to the gates for flight and the same on the return journey, had a very pleasant lady’s voice, but quite insistent that we “don’t get off this transit at this stop”! Three times she insisted that passengers did not “get of the transit at this stop”, as it wasn’t where we were supposed to be! Another instruction was at both ends of the flight the chief flight attendant thanked us for travelling with the airline and, “would advise you to collect all your belongings before leaving the cabin. Please be careful when opening the overhead lockers as objects may fall out due to movement during the flight, and do have a pleasant onward journey to your final destination!!!

Pretty obvious … but it is a journey we are on! It will have a “final destination” (heaven… when a new adventure will begin!), but for now our “journey in life, our journey together as a local church, will have many mini journeys! Some may feel pretty epic and not so mini, as we navigate people, issues, problems, attitudes and changes… on our way to our Continue reading