Bread and Water

Bread & Water

I have been studying the story of Elijah, and the victory over the prophets of Baal (1 Kings 18-19) and how Elijah crashed after this episode… very interesting!

I have been fascinated how Elijah so easily forgot the victories he’d previously known, the miracles- both initiated and seen by him, the promises of God and the Words God spoke to him! …and how that is so… ME!!

Don’t you find it easy to forget the gifts of God to you, His life, His promises, His victories and provision in your life?

It’s easy to identify with Elijah, as he has had enough, is so wearied and tired of the journey and the battles to keep strong! I find his story to be one of such hope and encouragement when I’m past myself and wanting to stop, give up and find hope is frail!

Amazing how God sends His angel (not Himself) to give Elijah the very simple, basic, stuff he needed – which by the way, was probably not what Elijah would have chosen – bread , water and sleep. Now if it had been me(!!) – a spa retreat, a few Continue reading