Timing is Everything!


It’s good to know the time!

I took my youngest son to the train station today to return to London… we set out in plently time but encountered police speed cameras along the road … needless to say everything toddled along at 40mph! … We made it in time … just!

He leapt out of the car and ran to the train which was waiting on the platform while I waited outside to see that he had  actually got on before it left! I got a text from him saying “made it 🙂 !”

Important to make it on time or it would have meant a long wait for the next train and a “nothing time” at a cold draughty station!

Isn’t life like that – a rush to make it here, a long wait – because the last one had “just gone”
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Cheese… and More Change!

Mouse in cheese

A few years ago, I read an amazing little book called “Who Moved My Cheese”*… I found it to be very helpful as we navigated some pretty big changes in our life, work and even family environment!

I have recently come upon it again and found it to be relevant, yet again, whether the changes are huge, or relatively small!

My (relatively) small change has been the death of my dear laptop! It was an amazing friend and resource to me and I found I had become very dependent on it… more than I really cared to admit. SO for the last 6-8 weeks I have had to do without the stores of files I had on it… note, contacts, thoughts, blogs etc!! – I realised, too how much I used the on-line Bible too!  My very gracious husband has let me use his laptop (which he uses way more than I used mine, I have to say!)…when I could get my hands on it! He valiantly tried to repair my old friend but after hours and hours (weeks?!) of trying he gave in and decided I had to have a new one!

It arrived two days ago and I am back in action… re-blogging, re-connecting and re-writing!

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