What to Say?

Loud mouth

Ever been in a position where you feel the need to say something, but are not exactly sure just what to say?

Where you’d like to give your opinion but sometimes it just might not go down too well?

Or where you’re asked for your thoughts and you know really well that, whatever you say, they won’t hear it or will be highly offended?

Wisdom is very often “when you say nothing at all!”

Wisdom knows when to speak a word in season, when it is right to say what is asked for; even when you know it won’t go down too well!

Oh for wise people to speak out, and stay silent… and knowing which is when!

The Bible has a lot of things to say about what we say! That our speech ought to be Continue reading

Eve… Mother of all (mess ups?!)


Eve …

Eve fascinates me… not because all the artists impressions of her portray her as beautiful, slim, with incredible long hair (in various shades) that obviously was washed in pure spring water with built in conditioners! … but because she lived!

She fascinates me because she lived after the biggest a faux pas (dict: social blunder or indiscretion!) in the history of the world!

Consider when we mess up, make mistakes, react badly … sin … whatever we choose to call it … none of us really cause the consequences of our mistake to have such far reaching effect s as the eating of the tree of knowledge did for, not only Eve, but mankind for ever after! How could anyone live with that? But she did!

I admire her … oh not because she sinned, disobeyed and encouraged Adam to do the same, (think I might have a t-shirt on that!), but because she got up went on and LIVED again … Continue reading



I had a short, but interesting encounter, yesterday, with the young lady who was on one of the tills in a local supermarket! She was maybe in her early 20s and she caught my eye immediately … she was exceptionally different from the number of other cashiers on duty. It struck me straight away how well she sat!!… Yes I did say sat!

Most cashiers (and probably most of us generally!) are quite slouched at a desk or till… but not her! She had a lovely straight posture and looked very elegant and, dare I say, almost out of place at this till!

I commented on how lovely she looked and what a beautiful straight back she had. She beamed at me and said, “Thank you… most people tease me for it!!”

I couldn’t believe she said that and when I asked her more, she replied that she had a slight curvature of the spine and she had practised toning her back muscles so that she sat, and stood, tall because it made her back stronger.

As serendipitous encounters usually get me thinking… that is what I found myself doing

How easy it is for us to slouch in life -as well as how we sit stand or walk! Our default is often Continue reading