Eve… Mother of all (mess ups?!)


Eve …

Eve fascinates me… not because all the artists impressions of her portray her as beautiful, slim, with incredible long hair (in various shades) that obviously was washed in pure spring water with built in conditioners! … but because she lived!

She fascinates me because she lived after the biggest a faux pas (dict: social blunder or indiscretion!) in the history of the world!

Consider when we mess up, make mistakes, react badly … sin … whatever we choose to call it … none of us really cause the consequences of our mistake to have such far reaching effect s as the eating of the tree of knowledge did for, not only Eve, but mankind for ever after! How could anyone live with that? But she did!

I admire her … oh not because she sinned, disobeyed and encouraged Adam to do the same, (think I might have a t-shirt on that!), but because she got up went on and LIVED again …

Wow! To know there is life, real life after sin, mistakes, wrong stuff, that gives me hope! Not a blocking it out of our minds, never visiting it again, pretending it never happened sort of life, but a Life that knew the Grace and Mercy of God, and lived in the fullness of it. That’s why I admire Eve!

She had walked with God and knew Him, knew His ways, His closeness. Took instruction from Him and learned great life lessons … from God Himself. Then blew it!

Whoa! This sounds like what I can do … walk with God, know Him … then mess up!

I admire her … for she, like many mothers (and fathers for that matter), watched her children mess up and repeat mistakes she’d made. She suffered the loss of her sons and the ache of knowing it was probably her fault!  What would people say of her? She lived with that. What would they say of her husband? Her family? She lived with that!

I think if Eve, in a time before the Grace and Mercy and Love of God was fully revealed through Jesus, can face the consequences of her wrong decision … not just for her but mankind, AND, find grace and mercy to start again, have children, cope with one being killed by his brother, watching that brother being banished, and effectively outcast. Enjoy her husband’s love again and have another son … teach them about the love and ways of God. Then why can I not embrace the forgiveness of Jesus, grasp hold of His healing for my life and take courage … that there is life after my mess?

I surely can … by the grace of God!

Look up today … God knows your weaknesses and mistakes, your intentions and failures … and LOVES you!  He has made a way for forgiveness and reconciliation, for hope… for life in all its fullness. Take courage dear one … His grace is made perfect in our weakness and His strength is given to us, not just to go on … but to LIVE!

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