Walls or Bridges?


My husband and I have just returned from Berlin where we were staying for a few days. We took some time to visit historical sites of the Berlin Wall, memorials etc and as usual it got me thinking!

In hindsight (that good old 20/20 vision) how sad, senseless and hurtful it was to build such a wall, dividing families, friends and loved ones, because of differences. But I began to see how easy it is to allow walls to be built in so many aspects of our lives. Small hurts, bigger misunderstandings, presumptions and suspicion are some of the bricks we use to build a wall between people with whom we once had so much in common. We cement these walls together with unhealthy talk about the “other”, what they said, how they went about it and how wrong they were/are and how justified we are in distancing ourselves from them.

It takes a bit of a revolution (one dictionary definition says a revolution is a turn-around) to cause walls to come down, and a revolution is a movement by people against an established (government or political) system.

Sometimes the hurts and disappointment, the misunderstandings and Continue reading