Baby hand

Ever been away for a while – holiday, visiting folk or just been somewhere and it’s time to go home?

Sometimes it’s like “Oh no!! I have to go back” but when you get there – it’s actually OKAY!

Or times when you know it’s time to go home – for your own good, for the family’s good – or just because you can!

I have been looking at how God calls us to “return” … to Him , to the closeness we once knew, to the place of actually knowing Him again, to the “home” that our hearts yearn for!

How easy it is sometimes to kid ourselves into thinking… Continue reading

Applaud now!

Clapping hands

I don’t often disagree with people I admire … but I did this time.

She told me it wasn’t wise to let your co-workers and employees know that they were appreciated  too often, and that they, especially if they were paid workers, should know that  it was “just their job”!!

Maybe it doesn’t work for others, but I like to let my co-workers, and employees know that I appreciate the time and effort they give to working hard, working well and helping them enjoy the work their hands are doing, the for-thought they need to give to their work, for turning up, for doing the mundane with a cheerful heart… not always easy when the work load is busy. Not always easy when you’re having an off day yourself and the place you work in is full of people in various Continue reading