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Ever been away for a while – holiday, visiting folk or just been somewhere and it’s time to go home?

Sometimes it’s like “Oh no!! I have to go back” but when you get there – it’s actually OKAY!

Or times when you know it’s time to go home – for your own good, for the family’s good – or just because you can!

I have been looking at how God calls us to “return” … to Him , to the closeness we once knew, to the place of actually knowing Him again, to the “home” that our hearts yearn for!

How easy it is sometimes to kid ourselves into thinking… believing even… that God’s ways are not that good, not that special, not popular or “cool” , because of hurts, mistakes, blatant errors or whatever!

How can God not be good when He longs for us to return to His mercy, His Goodness, His Grace and blessings. When His heart yearns for us and looks out for us.

Don’t allow the mistakes you maybe made, or people who hurt and opposed you, stand in the way of you knowing God.

His heart is that you would return to your first love, return to the God who loves you and has amazing grace and mercy to give you.

His Word tells us of His longing for us to return to knowing Him, so that He can rebuild and restore our lives – into something way better than it was before.

Just dare to trust Him – after all whether we love Him, believe Him or ignore Him… He remains GOD!

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