Have you ever been really tired and needing to sleep?

Of course you have!

What do you do?

You go to bed and sleep – until you are refreshed and ready to wake up and start a new day!

Sounds simple … and sensible, doesn’t it?

So why do we feel we need to push ourselves to stay awake and  be on top of things , when we really need to rest and come back to it more alert and ready?

I have no idea … except maybe Continue reading



I had been looking at what I was doing on this day, last year, and reflecting on some of the areas I had planned to grow and develop in: how I was planning to grow spiritually, how I was going to treat my soul – my emotions  and  character development and mentally, how and what I was planning to learn.

As I was reflecting back over the plans made last year, I was pleased to see how I had grown and developed in these areas of my life. Some of the plans I had made I had really done well in and made progress, and in one or two areas I have only taken a few steps forward.

Some of them were surprising developments that I hadn’t planned for but were all part of a plan for me as it were! Other areas? well I’m glad for another year in which to Continue reading

Floods & Swans!


It has been wild weather here recently, high winds and storms bringing flooding with it.

It’s not pleasant being out in this sort of weather and most people don’t like it, stay indoors and wish it was summer!

As I was driving to work I noticed that a couple of the fields, that are often prone to flooding, were very badly waterlogged!

As I was watching it and was thinking how awful it must be for the land owner, a flock of swans arrived and skidded to a halt on the temporary “lake”. It made me laugh because then I noticed about a dozen or more ducks happily swimming around too, and a couple of seagulls joined the party shortly after!

It looked a really happy scene in the middle of this flooded area, and it made me realise how easy it is to Continue reading