Treasures in hidden places

Oil - honey

I have been laid up after an operation for nearly 4 weeks now! Oh I’m healing well 🙂 , and beginning to get mobile, slowly. I has been a rather painful time and extremely frustrating as I don’t do “nothing” very well… and I’ve had to learn to let others do things for me – in their times, not mine!. I’ve had to learn to wait, not mind when it’s not happening as quickly as I’d like, or the way I’d like!

I’ve been having a new kitchen fitted at the same time (don’t ask why now!) I was told – a week! It’ll be completed in a week! Four weeks later and I’m still waiting for the floor to be fitted, the kick boards to be placed and the finishings, of course! It’s draughty and bare in there and hard to move around because of all the stuff!

Yet I’ve discovered some treasures during these days: Continue reading