Hearing God speak? or not?


Today I was travelling home from another city, pondering on something someone said to me … “I can’t hear God speaking – it’s all just a blurr. Why’s that?”

Now I can’t be specific as to why that person in particular finds it difficult to discern God’s “speaking”, but it got me pondering!

While I was pondering I changed radio stations to listen to our local Christian Community radio station. Unfortunately I was out of range and all I got was a much of sound and static crackles! It crossed my mind that if I just kept driving sooner or later I would come into range and would hear my husband’s voice on the radio show he was hosting! I checked that I was actually tuned into the correct frequency and waited to hear … as I drove home!

Sure enough – as I came into range, after about 6-7 minutes of crackling nothing I heard splutters , then a vague sound that might have been my husband’s voice, then very quickly could hear his voice and the music he was playing!

It’s maybe not THE answer, but one of them… that when we can’t ‘hear’ God speaking to us – we could be out of range!. Now I know God is with us always, but I think sometimes we are not in the area where we can hear His music and recognise his voice!

He most can be heard in range of His Word being at home in our lives, around Church and His people who, together, are walking with Him!

God a bit of a blurr? Keep going – drive on … but drive towards the signal and when the crackles clear and you begin to recognise His “voice”… turn the volume to LOUD!!

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