Work? Work :-)


Time to work!

Spring has arrived!!! The sun has been out for three whole days and, biggest wonder of all… I worked really hard in my garden pruning, chopping, digging, and clearing the greenhouse, replanting strawberries – and Mark worked even harder chopping and tidying hedges!

The amazing thing is – I still have loads more to do before it will begin to grow the crops, plants, shrubs that I work with!

It got me thinking (in the bath afterwards!) … all this hard work!

It’s the season for hard work! We have just left behind the season of dark nights, for huddling up in front of the fire, closing curtains early and being cosy!

Even naturally it has been a resting season… where the land rests, plants replenish themselves and get ready for the next season, animals hibernate and use up old stocks of food!

But there comes a wonderful time called SPRING! And we need to buckle our belts, pull up our socks, put on our wellies and – go to work in order for there to be summer flowers, healthy crops and even great gardens to just enjoy relaxing and having friendships in!

Even so…it is  God’s season for us to work hard- we need to have a “whatever it takes” attitude just now – not to impress God , but to step up to the call God has on our lives.

People need us to work hard – to love them, care for them, be kind to them and not shirk our responsibility of just being salt and light among them… doesn’t call for ”preaching” at them… just being a worker in the Kingdom of God.

SO today, this week… go to work , wherever “work” is with the grace and strength God gives. Go to work at church with the people God has put you with. Go to work at home with family and friends.

Work hard! Rest Well! Have fun! Love God, Love Life, Love People!

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