What goes on in the Dark!


Today, whilst spring cleaning my kitchen and some cupboards, I had this beautiful scent float past me! Not sure of where it was coming, from I went on a wee hunt! Mostly when I clean my kitchen its unpleasant smells I’m getting rid of, but not this time … I opened one of my infrequently used cupboards and there was the scent!  A full blown pale blue hyacinth pot… looking a little droopy and it had rather pale leaves having been locked in my cupboard for at least six or seven weeks!

I brought it out onto the kitchen table and found a couple of twigs to help it stand tall, watered it and just sat there admiring it!

 Almost as strong as the fragrance this amazing flower was giving was the sense of God saying “See! Even in the dark places, the hidden places, the forgotten places, I bring to blossom those that are planted in the good soil of my Word. The aroma of my Grace in their lives draws people and causes them to stand in awe!”

Such a lesson of how God is at work in us in the hidden, and even the darkest seasons of our lives! I hadn’t watered those hyacinths bulbs since the initial watering of the soil they were planted in… and yes, they were ready for more water, but they had sprouted, grown, blossomed and allowed the aroma of their presence in the cupboard give off such a heady, “hope-of-spring” balm, rather than a bitter, rotting scent.

 I thought how much we need to allow God’s Word to permeate our lives so that even in the dark dry seasons of hidden forgotteness we draw from Him and allow our growing to be a sweet aroma of worship and honour to the Lord who gives Grace and sustenance!

 Now this delightful flower is gracing my kitchen table and is exposed to the light and air… growing tall and strong and green.

Be encouraged… you are not forgotten and your day is coming, when who you became in the dark will be seen in the light!