Tree Surgery!


This morning I was somewhat rudely awoken (early!) by a number of loud voices and the revving of chainsaws! I tried to ignore it and catch a few more minutes of sleep… but it wasn’t to be!

Over the morning I watched one guy, loudly and very nimbly, climb the huge tree next door and begin to lop off the high branches. Down below others guided him with ropes and shouts of directions and encouragement as to where and how to take this tree down!

The HUGE larch gradually fell down in great thuds as massive logs of the tree plummeted to the ground! I have to admit I was rather sad to see this lovely tree come down … it must have been there for over 80 years or so! What a history of comings and goings it must have observed.

But down it came – and then they started on another!

What a life lesson!

How many times are there things in our lives that have been standing there for years and become part of the scenery… to the point where they are part of us and too familiar.

Sadly this tree that was coming down was rotten and part of a cull of potentially diseased trees.

If it was left to stand much longer then, it could cause so much damage if winds and stormy weather brought it down.

I wonder what things in our life have been in us – attitudes, reactions, sin, habits, even relationships or things that we take for granted that are “part of us” and “always been there”?

Because we look okay and seem to be standing strong, doesn’t always mean that things on the inside of us are strong and good. Maybe there’s some stuff in our lives that really needs dealing with before the storm brings a disaster!

The guys next door doing this job had been consulted about the trees, they were professional tree surgeons and knew, not only what needed to be done, but also how to do it… safely and securely. And so our neighbour was happy to leave the execution of this operation to them, knowing they would be wise in their handling of the tree.

When we come to God with our lives, with our outward appearances and our inner turmoils … He is the Master tree surgeon who knows exactly when, where and how to deal with the rotten or potentially rotten stuff lurking around us. He doesn’t fell the tree in one “fell – swoop” but takes it down gently and compassionately, and with great care!

So as I come to Him- I can confidently ask Him to see my innermost being (Psalm 139) and let Him be the tree surgeon of my heart… knowing He will take great care to take out that which is not good and wholesome and that He will leave the garden of my life better and more fruitful. (John 15)

The tree will be a miss – initially! But I must say the view is amazing and the light that comes into my house now… worth all the noise, shouting and early morning wake! And, what is more, my greenhouse now gets more sun! Good fruit, all in all!

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