When the mists threaten to overwhelm you


Swirling cloud, TenerifeRecently, Mark and I have been on holiday in Tenerife.

Beautiful landscapes which are quite awe-inspiring! From the black volcanic beaches to the mountain views and the barren, almost moon-like expanses.

One day we drove up the winding mountain roads (passing so many incredibly fit cyclists!), stopping now and again to admire the views and stretch our legs… amazing! We loved the trip!

A couple of days later, we decided to go back up the mountainous roads to see the views again!

This time the sun didn’t seem to shine, the mist was heavy and shrouded everything to the point we could only see a few yards ahead of us. We crawled, slowly up the roads and came across a few cars who had pulled into the side of the road and were turning round to go back down to the beaches.

As we crept up these roads with our headlights and fog lights on, I was so aware of the God’s still nudge of His voice saying, “The road is the same as it was yesterday. The views are still there – just because you can’t see it all – it hasn’t changed… stay the path!”

So we kept going and sure enough a while later, after driving carefully and slowly the clouds began to swirl dramatically around us and we came out into clear blue skies and amazing views once again.

What a life lesson!

How many times do we feel like giving up and turning back because we can’t see the way ahead, or because the view is not much fun!

On those tough stretches of life’s journey, it’s easy to feel hopeless and want to go back down to what is known and comfortable.

Yet to those who would, maybe slowly, but steadily keep going, remember – the path hasn’t changed! The familiar points are still there, even if they are shrouded in mist. Step by step and mile by mile… you will come through into the light and sunshine once again.

Don’t give up on what you have known to be True, right and what you have learnt of the Love of God… the clouds will lift and the dawn will break and your trek will be worth the long haul!.

Stay the path!

Stay faithful to the Faithful One! Take His hand and lean in to hear His voice saying “Keep on, dear one, keep on! I’m still as true in the mist as I was in the sunshine.”

Be encouraged today to keep on!



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