What’s in a Name?


poppiesYesterday, Mark and I had some hours off work…. We drove around the countryside and went to a garden centre, then had a lovely meal in the evening. It was such a beautiful time; we saw rabbits and deer, hawks, voles; myriads of trees in their fresh spring dresses and pretty, wild flowers that were  too numerous to count.

I love trying to remember what they are called… the rabbit and deer are fairly easy!, but the trees and flowers I manage maybe half of their names… elm, oak, birch, larch horse chestnut, hawthorn, blackthorn, willow, laburnum, lilac … and many more! Wild garlic and daisies, dandelion and cowslip, bluebell and campion… so many!  And so many more that I have no idea of!

I was pondering over these amazing natural things… so commonplace really, but all have a name!

The stars and planets are named! The beetles and bugs are named!

Animals are named, flowers are named, trees and grasses are named, bacteria and tiny unseen things … all have names!  Amazing!… some of these named things are only known by a few specialists, some are known to us all.

I was awed by the vastness of the naming of things and to think that babies when they are born, in most countries, need to be registered and named within a few days of being born.

They need to be known!

God says of me “I have called you by name – you are mine”! Isaiah 41 v1

“Before you were born – I knew you!” Psalm 139 v 16

AWESOME! God knows my name … of all the named things in the world… HE knows my name!

.. and He loves me… despite my failings!… Amazing Love! Amazing Grace!

Amazing God 🙂


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