I lay in bed the other night, before I slept, and took this photograph of a corner of my room!

As I looked at it I realised that I really ought to de clutter these boxes of things… which are really needing to be “dealt with”! But… ah BUT!… they are all in boxes and are packed away and it takes effort, time and determination to bring them out, open them and go through the boxes of notes, memories, photos, more notes, studies, memos to look into, more notes!!.

Well you get the idea… it’s something I really should go through and diminish and only keep those things that are worthwhile and useful.

How like life is that?

We box up all sorts of things and won’t dare go in to de-clutter sort, or work, through in case we get trapped in the “sort”! We box up so many memories which are coloured by the emotions we felt at the time the memory was made. We store away unresolved hurts, feelings, emotions and prejudices that we really ought to be free of; thoughts of what might have been, what used to be, how I should have, or how I should not have, regrets, what ifs, supposings and …!

Why do we do this? Why do we ignore the things that are boxed up, taking up space and becoming, often, a ”feature” in the place we live.

I realised that unless I do get on and de-clutter, and set myself to deal, realistically, with these boxes… they really will become a feature of my bedroom.

If, too, we allow the “stuff in our boxes” to remain unresolved and boxed up in our lives, sooner or later they become a feature of our lives … which isn’t really who we are – a clutter of past stuff!!

How much better to clear away the boxes, bring some space into our lives by letting hurts and unresolved relationship issues go; by learning from the mistakes we made rather than being defined by them and allowing the “feature” of our past to stop us enjoying the days ahead!

By the way… some of the boxes in my room had very little in them, just a notebook of something I thought was huge!

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