Cornflowers and Anemones


Today I looked out of my kitchen window and, amidst the grey drizzle of rain, I saw some anemones and cornflowers growing on my patio.

I thought back to when I planted them. The anemones were shrivelled, ugly looking wee corms that I planted, and I planted them because I had them, rather than out of anticipation of a great crop!

It really captured my thoughts!  So grey, so wet, and such a sad summer this year, yet here – in the midst of the grey were some beautiful, bright flowers that were just being bright and growing, despite the lousy weather!!

It made me think of what these anemones (with a few pretty
cornflowers among them) we doing – just being, and actually they were beautiful … and would have been if nobody had ever seen them at all!

Why is it that we are often so taken with the thought – that being who we are, doing what we do, only matters if people notice!

I found a striking lesson in these beautiful wee flowers that were bright and strong, despite the rain and wind… they just bloomed!

Yes, I happened to notice, but I don’t think they noticed that I’d noticed! They were being true to what they were to be and do… and yes – I know that they are just flowers, but for a moment I felt an understanding – that God smiled – that it was not about who saw, who knew, who commented on me, my life and what it held, but that I had caught hold of an amazingly simple truth… I could be me, where I was, doing what I do and , who knows who sees? God does and His blessing is on me , His Smile is toward me, because I can be true to be what He made me to be. Do what He calls me to do, and if He’s the only one who knows… then that’s ok J I can “bloom” where I am and bring colour, life and joy into the world I’m part of!

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