The Calling!

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I’ve been perusing the “call of God “ on my life… actually the call of God on anyone’s and everyone’s life… looking at what the Scriptures say about being called!

It says that not many wise are called! And that God chose the foolish things of the world to confound the wise!

I see a few people being called to do specific things, Abraham, Moses, David, Esther even, Saul who became Paul and the disciples . . . but even then the disciples weren’t called by Jesus to receive the 10 commandments, lead people out of Egypt, or being King of Israel. THEIR call was to “follow Me”!!!

I find, in looking at this subject, so many people are waiting for a specific call, or mission to perform  in life , and seem to be missing the most important thing . . . Jesus said “Follow Me”… as the disciples did this they found their mission, their fulfilment, their battles even!

Why do we feel we have to have a specific call to fulfil rather than doing the amazing thing of “Following Jesus”?

You see, I’ve found that the Bible tell us things like “Whatever your hand finds to do – do it with all your might”, and “Whatever you do – do it as unto God and not man”. What about “Making the most of every opportunity”!!

Sometimes I think we have lost the plot by looking for The “X Factor Calling” as a stardom call rather than the daily call of Jesus to follow Him.

Maybe we need to look again that our family, our place of work, school/college, and social circle is the very place of “calling”.  There are opportunities to be “me” in every part of life… to work – at work as unto Jesus… to do what we do –well!

If you find yourself in a place – then live Life to the full, in that place of work, study, relationship. Rejoice in the fact that God knows your name, He promised never to leave you or forsake you and His grace, favour and joy is yours wherever, whatever, and always!!

Take a rain-check and see that God doesn’t do “X Factor”, “Britain’s Got Talent” or “The Voice”…  He calls us to follow Him and love Him, live for Him and just be who we are where we are, for the time we are there… it’s in taking our focus off “the call” and just living for Him we find our place… its called freedom!

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