Will we ever see the sun again?


At last … the sun is shining in Dumfries. Everyone round here has suffered the constant cloud hanging over our area this week. I’ve been asking, “Will we ever see the sun again?”. We all know the answer and in fact sunny days have now arrived, but yesterday it felt as though it would never happen.

It strikes me that our lives are often like that – we feel surrounded by a gloom which we feel will never go away. The answer of course is that it’s just a season. To escape the gloomy weather this week, I’ve had to focus on positive things and remind myself that better weather is ahead and summer will come.

There are some pretty good spiritual parallels to the weather this week. There are times when we just have to keep plodding forwards, ‘faces like flint’ while the gloom is all around. We have to remind ourselves that God is able, that Jesus is alive and He is concerned with our world. The devastating coach crash in Switzerland killing 28 people, mainly under 12 and the fatalities on our doorstep, through different crashes on the A75 just a few miles from where we live, can overwhelm us but we need to know that God is still God, and He is at work.

I had the joy of interviewing that lady we saw healed from paralysis and walk from her wheelchair in Hull last week, on Alive Radio. You can listen to the interview here, it’s about 17 minutes long and there are comments from Lisette’s two friends who were with her when she was miraculously healed in Hull. Hearing a story like that really lifts the gloom! I also love to read Bible stories of the miracles Jesus did too, and of course all the thrilling powerful accounts in the Acts of the Apostles.

Have a great week, whatever the weather, knowing that if you give him a thought and a prayer, God will bring sunshine into the gloom.

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