Have you ever been really tired and needing to sleep?

Of course you have!

What do you do?

You go to bed and sleep – until you are refreshed and ready to wake up and start a new day!

Sounds simple … and sensible, doesn’t it?

So why do we feel we need to push ourselves to stay awake and  be on top of things , when we really need to rest and come back to it more alert and ready?

I have no idea … except maybe we feel – we should?

Which also doesn’t make sense!

Yes, I know there are times when there are deadlines to meet and barriers to break , that we have enough strength to burn  the midnight oil ( metaphors galore here!!) but you know, it dawned on me … that we actually are madeto take rests, to regroup, to chill, wind down, rest, sleep … whatever!

Today, tonight, my concern for many of us, is that we know how to be wise about the working, the resting, the playing and to give a place to each . Because each aspect is an important part of a functional, productive life!

If I want to produce good stuff, I also need to sleep, chill and be nourished sufficiently to carry out the plans I have! Let’s stop feeling guilty about our lives – Work, rest, play! In other words- Love God, Love Life, Love people!

Simple? Yes! Simple wisdom, but we need to heed it!

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