Floods & Swans!


It has been wild weather here recently, high winds and storms bringing flooding with it.

It’s not pleasant being out in this sort of weather and most people don’t like it, stay indoors and wish it was summer!

As I was driving to work I noticed that a couple of the fields, that are often prone to flooding, were very badly waterlogged!

As I was watching it and was thinking how awful it must be for the land owner, a flock of swans arrived and skidded to a halt on the temporary “lake”. It made me laugh because then I noticed about a dozen or more ducks happily swimming around too, and a couple of seagulls joined the party shortly after!

It looked a really happy scene in the middle of this flooded area, and it made me realise how easy it is to see only the bad stuff that happens … a flood, and to overlook the opportunity that arose for the swans and ducks to have a party!

Yes it maybe a little overly dramatic to  look at it this way, but my thoughts took me into thinking how prone we are to moan and bewail the “stuff” that life  throws at us so often.

I looked at the swans and was reminded of the Scripture verse (Matthew 6:25-27 and Luke 12:5-7) where Jesus tells us how much God cares for us … much more than the birds who are fed and well dressed!

I also began to think about how those swans made the most of the opportunity that was before them… a flood – or a surprise lake to land on?

I suppose what I was thinking is another way of “when life gives you lemons… make lemonade”

I hope to make more of serendipitous  “floods” this year… see them as opportunities to do something  a little bit risky, maybe, or different , but have an adventure with it!… How about you?

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