You’re an answer to prayer!

Answers to Prayer

Wow – now that’s a thought!… actually being an answer to someone’s prayer!!

Amazing how we can overlook that fact … God can actually allow me to be His answer!… so many times we look to get answers we can miss an important element – I might actually be needed!

Isaiah had an encounter with God (Isaiah 6) that caused Him to respond to God to be the answer . His being the answer wasn’t easy nor was it always accepted with readiness and open arms … but … isn’t that just like life?

We respond to God – and say “Here am, I send me!” and He does – months later when we’ve forgotten we said that! When we eventually do realise we need to “go”, it’s often to people who are on our doorstep (family?) to our local community and not always to some glamorous sounding place on the other side of the world!

The call is the same, the cry of the needy is the same, God’s appointing us is the same… Is our response the same as Isaiah’s?  Are we ready to be the answer to …anyone, wherever, whatever it may take? Maybe God will say, “stay”, and not, “go”, to us… are we still ready to be the answer?

God’s work is very rarely glamorous, or convenient… and is often so obvious we miss it, just like the nose on our face – always before us but not often seen by the wearer!!

Let us awaken to be the answer that God calls us to be…  and not miss what might be as obvious as the nose at the end of our face.

Happy Answering!

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