Awake or … not quite?


Have you ever found it so hard to wake up?

I’m not a natural “morning person”… I do late nights much better! It’s when I think and become creative often!

So sometimes,  it really is a hard thing to wake up… I mean, not just open my eyes and get out of bed, although that’s hard enough, I mean really WAKE UP, be alert and focussed.

I so admire those people who, on waking, can be on the ball and ready for the day, filled with fun and optimism and, if I’m honest, a pain in the neck for the grumpy grouches of the morning!

Oh, I’m not usually grumpy in the morning… just not always really alert!!

Waking up to something of attitude, change in life, and knowing of the need to change something in my life can also be a bit like a morning.

I can be about my daily business, but not really awake to the important things of life… like the needs of others, like listening to the Voice of God.

How important is it to wake up to the needs and situations around us that we can actually do something about! I mean we can open our eyes and see “stuff” around us – but I wonder what will make us really “wake up” to why are here… in this time, place and with the people in our world?

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