Are You Due an Eye Test?


I went for an eye test today … usual stuff – how  far down the chart can you see – without lenses, with lenses, then the light in my eyes to check my retina, look up, look down, left, right.

I’ve had itchy eyes for a wee while and wondered if it was my contacts, or what?… turns out I’m probably allergic to some seasonal thing in the air – few  eye drops and ease off on how long I wear the contacts for each day – and it’s sorted.

As usual I pondered … on eye tests!

How we need them regularly… eyes change as you get older, lenses or glasses need to be tweeked and the amazing way the optical specialist is able to know how healthy you are by looking at your retina!  Amazing!

I wonder how often we check our “life vision”?.. how we see others, how we view life, people, situations, … myself?

Have I grown blurred  in my outlook… maybe I need to refocus on what is important just now.

Has my outlook become cynical and hardened to people and their situations? How healthy is my personal, or spiritual retina… the part of me that receives images and is sensitive to light… am I able to receive truth and believe the right things about God, myself and my world?

I pray that I will always be quick to receive “lens modification” as it were – and keep a clear eye on what is valuable, and important in life.

What about you? How is your eyesight?

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