Over the past few days I have had people ask me questions about a variety of “life issue” topics, ranging from some of the biggies , “Why doesn’t God do something?”, to “What colour is Heaven?”

Some I have been able to answer satisfactorily for the questioner and maybe give them book suggestions or internet sources to help with their queries. But to other questions … I have to say sometimes – “I don’t know!” Because I don’t!

For some, they seem content that my faith in God stands intact and growing; despite the fact that I don’t know and they have gone away knowing that it is not a competition between “faith” and knowledge, or “proof”.

I wonder why we have to know everything, or have answers to those timeless questions, that if we are honest, only God knows!

Don’t get me wrong –I think we should ask questions, wonder why and explore the reasons for faith. But I also think that, even in the frustrations of not always having an answer, there comes a point where we need to let God be God, and leave off trying to fathom the unsearchables and unanswerables. Surely the fact that God is God, means He will know more, see more, understand the beginning and the end, and all in between in a much more Omnipotent and Omniscient way!

Sometimes I think we are too proud to admit that God might just be a bit more All – Knowing, and in charge than we are, and He will still be God, even in the midst of our many doubts and wonderings. Surely Faith is all about trusting some of these issues into the hands of One Who, by nature of being God, is more knowledgeable than even the wisest, cleverest person ever. Knowledge and lack of understanding of “stuff” shouldn’t drive us from God, but to Him – for a path ahead in a very confusing world!

Don’t be discouraged over your faith today, but know that doubting drove Thomas into the very hands and side of Jesus, and didn’t dismiss his questions, but gave an answer for his heart!

Keep questioning, keep asking, and keep the faith, for in Him we find Life and the knowledge that even not knowing fully – we are loved, and can find our source of strength and inspiration to walk with God … by faith!

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